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  • (204) 258-1204
    Appointment Reminder
    No message left, just missed call
  • (204) 272-2355
    Has called 3 times and no message. I believe this is a telemarketer or scam.
  • (204) 272-2511
    No answer for a couple seconds. A woman with a heavy accent asked for a name. I asked who it was. Cliams she's from CIBC. Told I don't trust her and hung up. Noticed this number has been calling numerous times a day. CIBC says they won't call unless it's collections but I've not recieved any notices.
  • (204) 272-4573
    scammers for sure, just got a call and I was wondering to whom did I owe a debt too. Searched the number up and turns out it was a scam number.
  • (204) 272-9462
    They keep spamming me with different numbers! I have been blocking them every day for weeks now.
  • (204) 285-2246
    They attempted to get me to give them my address several times. Gave a fake phone number and website to "Verify" they were a real agency. Lead to an unsecure website.
  • (204) 285-2906
    Have No Idea
    saying that there MBNA and was offering me extended protection plan for my card i know that MBNA doesn't call there clients so i raised a red flag
  • (204) 318-1596
    GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
    First heard a recorded message stating they were calling about an important matter and I should hold until a rep is available. One came on said Hello, I responded, he hung up.
  • (204) 480-1008
    Have No Clue
    No idea who it is or why I get multiple calls per week. Nobody ever responds when I answer , its always either dead silent or sometimes sounds like household noise in background but literally nobody ever speaks. Why even call ?
  • (204) 480-5071
    Unknown Name/Private Number
    Repeat calls unknown caller
  • (204) 480-5072
    Debt Collector
    These people (204) 480-5072 Winnipeg, Manitoba keep calling me asking for my mother and to give them my mothers number without explanation. I'm not stupid and my mother doesn't even have debt so she's just calling to create problems. It's getting ridiculous and annoying and I told this girl if she's asking for her why is she calling me how come she doesn't have her number. It makes no sense. I have to block many scam numbers including this one, it's a joke.
  • (204) 481-7580
    Claimed To Be Canadian Government
    Text message said, "You have received an Federal Transfer For [phone number] Reply Y to accept it"
  • (204) 697-7001
    Winnipeg Free Press
    They call repeatedly even after being told over and over and over and over we are not interested!
  • (204) 775-0055
    Prank Caller
    Really , one must pay .....what about national security ,too the men and woman that serve this .......wife ,mother of those who serve ! Now ask self this .....really ,pay too know ,report immediately,too National security . Took photo ,of what I wrote ......
  • (204) 818-0129
  • (204) 926-3196
    Prison/Jail Collect Call
    Said they were from the bank but there's no debt
  • (204) 946-5252
    Cbv Collections
    I got a person and a recording the next day. I called back first day and said my first name. They wanted my last name and D.O.B. I said I don't give that over the phone. She said we have all your info. I said great, then mail me what this is about. I'm sure it's about a speeding ticket. I have sent them letters back and been dealing with it. They just want their money. I will continue to fight for my rights.
  • (204) 987-2041
    Caller said she was from a research company... didn't hear the name. She asked if I was under a certain age, so I said no. I shouldn't have even said that much, I am wondering now whether she was fishing about me being a senior citizen or not. She disengaged when I said no. I get lots of calls at different times of day or evening and usually it's a recording to begin with. It's infuriating. I often unplug my phone!

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