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347 Area Code (New York) Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

The 347 area code is a three-digit area code that contains 34 unique phone numbers. It serves the state of New York.

  • State

    New York, NY

  • Major City

    New York

  • Timezone


  • Current Time

    2023-09-26 11:51:28

Phone Numbers That Start with 347

  • Phone Number
  • Caller Type
  • Comment
  • (347) 219-8187
    Caller states that a person has an active warrant for their arrest.
  • (347) 225-1222
    Generic Finacial Management
    Best Hackers Contact RecoveryMasters My wife thought I was a fool not to find out about her secret affairs with some random guys right under my nose just because she felt I was not in the country. Well thank you so much RecoveryMasters for helping me catch my cheating wife remotely without a single trace. you can reach out to them if you are in need of the service of a good hacker. Contact them on Email: ([email protected]) whatsapp +1(551) 202-23-35
  • (347) 305-2135
  • (347) 309-6056
    "You have been randomly selected for a best buy superbowl gift. Get your $1000 gift card at http://superbowl.bestbuy.com.bbcards.info/?id=266962" Add it to the list of scams. Web site doesn't appear to exist.
  • (347) 318-9974
    Mark Nybar
    This fool pretended to be a woman and peppered his text with loads of accent marks asking if I wanted to "hook up.
  • (347) 343-2805
    Francisco Montoya
    Threating my family listed my familys name and sent pictures of dead bodies in bags and is threating to send his "people" to my house for some money which i have no idea wtf he is talking about , he would want to stop who ever this is because my family dont play b**$h games like that
  • (347) 345-3557
    Juan Ricardo Marchena, Owner Of The Guide Of The City And Superior Of The CJNG
  • (347) 354-2149
    Not Provided
    Stop sending your messages.You have been reported.
  • (347) 392-3435
    I called my wireless provider to report the number and was told there was nothing they could do.
  • (347) 392-4019
    James Valentine
    dont call me again
  • (347) 394-2675
    Wanted to home address to file some paper work . Don't answer this number
  • (347) 428-9676
    Eagle Teleconfe
    In another room when call came in so it went to voice mail. No message left. Caller ID showed Eagle Teleconfe as caller . Name not recognized but number has called before as an unknown/spam/scam and never left a message
  • (347) 434-7214
    Publishers clearing house scam at 10:22pm. Recorded message says you won 18million ÷ 7000 per week for life and asks you to call another phone number to confirm.
  • (347) 450-9432
    Says "You've been chosen, you won a $1000 Best Buy Card! Go to http://winner.cardsbestbuy.info/256759" It's a scam.
  • (347) 460-7249
    This is a craigslist scammer looking to steal money from you. He asks for personal information and then will send a fake certified check and ask for reimbursement back from you because the check is more money than your craigslist item. Send your money and his check bounces a couple weeks later and you are out your money.
  • (347) 480-1501
    Criminal Legal.Law Justice Centef
  • (347) 548-4437
    You have my permission to review our phone records to determine phone number of the company that called in order to fine them.
  • (347) 560-9941
    Debt Collector
    called claiming it was law enforcement agency in connection with a crime involving my ss#
  • (347) 685-9151
    East Indian
  • (347) 694-3643
    left same automated message 2 days in a row

Major Counties Served by 347 Area Code

  • County
  • Total Population
  • % of 347
  • % of County
  • Kings
  • Queens
  • Bronx
  • Richmond
  • New York

Major Cities Served by 347 Area Code

  • City
  • Total Population
  • % of 347
  • % of City
  • New York
  • Bellerose Terrace
  • Bellerose

Popular Phone Carriers

  • Landline

    • 6%
      Bandwidthcom Clec
    • 5%
    • 4%
      Cablevision Lightpath
    • 3%
      Broadview Networks
    • 3%
      Level 3
    • 2%
    • 1%
      Metropolitan Telecommunications
    • 11%
  • Wireless

    • 19%
    • 18%
    • 11%
      Verizon Wireless
    • 9%
    • 6%
      Metro PCS
    • 1%
      Time Warner Cable Info Svce (new York)
    • 1%
    • 1%

Statistics for Phone Prefixes in 347 Area Code

From these two pie charts, you can see the percentage of phone prefixes that have been assigned and the types of their usage.



What Is the Location and Time Zone of Area Code 347?

Area code 347 is located in the Eastern Time Zone.

What Is the Origin of Area Code 347?

Area code 347 is a New York City telephone area code that was created on June 14, 1999 by the New York Public Service Commission. It was the first new area code in New York City since 212 was created in 1947.The 347 area code covers the southern portion of the borough of Queens. The area code was created to relieve congestion in the borough's 212 and 718 area codes.

The 347 area code is also one of the most diverse in the United States, with sizable populations of Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians.

What Areas Are Serviced by Code 347?

Code 347 is a service that covers a wide range of areas. No matter what you need done, Code 347 can help. We provide services for residential, commercial, and industrial areas. We have a team of experienced professionals who are ready to help you with your project.Our services include:



-Snow Removal

-Tree Removal



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