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602 Area Code (Arizona) Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

The 602 area code is a three-digit area code that contains 27 unique phone numbers. It serves the state of Arizona.

  • State

    Arizona, AZ

  • Major City


  • Timezone


  • Current Time

    2023-09-29 18:30:12

Phone Numbers That Start with 602

  • Phone Number
  • Caller Type
  • Comment
  • (602) 221-3938
    Harassing calls
  • (602) 247-3145
    Adriana GCU
    Keep getting calls with similar numbe No one answes on the other line
  • (602) 247-3207
    Recorded message calls daily despite efforts to STOP
  • (602) 247-7094
    He asked to send pic and she send on some Next day she told me that to giver her money . She was want a $1000 dollars for remove pics . She told me he called the cops and FBI. She told she going to send all pics my family and friends on Facebook. She told that jerk off on 9 year old girl. Now pic on Facebook. She is scam
  • (602) 281-1393
    They call 2 to 3 times a week, never leave a message , it is so annoying . I've already told them before, that I will stop by when body is okay to donate blood. They are still keep calling.
  • (602) 346-9986
    I have asked this company numerous times to stop calling my phone but they keep harassing me at inopportune times during the day and evening
  • (602) 362-4194
    Midland Credit
    Do Not Answer! - VERIFIED SCAMMERS You may receive call from a Pennsylvania number shortly after...
  • (602) 384-9905
    Med Management
    I would like 602 384 9905 deleted from my phone 734 601 1067. Thank you. Richard Heatley
  • (602) 417-4900
    Az St Gov
    602-417-400 has called several times between hours of midnight and 4am!!! IF a state agency - rude. If not - still rude!!!
  • (602) 424-0838
    V/Mc Ipc
    asked if the owner of the company decided to come to work today. - very unprofessional. Asked if I could take a message, and he hung up on me - that is not the way to get to speak to the owner. Our calls are recoded and if you call with the impression that you are going to speak to the owner by just saying what you said at the beginning of the call that won't get you anywhere. We do relay messages to the owner, and have been given strict instruction to avoid phone calls such as yours.
  • (602) 466-9813
    Called at 3am asking to refund a past stay.
  • (602) 475-7908
    Prank Caller
  • (602) 542-0000
    Said From Department Of (Unemployment Or Revenue? Not Sure )
    Recording asked us to call 602-542-1048 for the AZ Dept of Revenue. I went to the azdor.gov website & entered the number & it does not show up as a valid AZ Dept of Revenue number. The caller id number is 602-542-0000 and caller id says "AZ ST GOVT"
  • (602) 542-1048
    AZ Department Of Revenue
    Calling and telling me to call back at this number.
  • (602) 635-2318
    Debt Collector
    Yes it did call.
  • (602) 666-4420
    Collection Agency
    Google search indicates its a nuisance call.
  • (602) 666-5622
    Debt Collector
    Lady with foreign accent came on and asked for Tom Anderson Said no such person here as he hasn't had this number for 30years! she says shell remove my number Yeah well see my guess is its midland credit management but they didnt identify themselves as MCM calls my number several times a day and asks for all different people
  • (602) 666-5625
    Call center scam/prank. Don't answer, wasting your time.
  • (602) 705-7568
    Allison Shrum
    Allison Shrum 602-705-7568 . 602-793-2923. A.S. S Escort service www.eroticmonkey.com alex xxis sweets chicago https://illinois.arrest.org/Arrest/Allison_Shrum_23841641 Arrested For Burglary, Possession controlled Substance, Needles and cruelty to animals.6027057568
  • (602) 731-3045
    Don't even pick up.

Major Counties Served by 602 Area Code

  • County
  • Total Population
  • % of 602
  • % of County
  • Maricopa

Major Cities Served by 602 Area Code

  • City
  • Total Population
  • % of 602
  • % of City
  • Phoenix
  • Glendale
  • Paradise Valley

Popular Phone Carriers

  • Landline

    • 42%
      Qwest Corporation
    • 4%
      Teleport America
    • 2%
      Integra Telecom
    • 2%
      Mcimetro Access Transmission Services
    • 2%
      Cox Arizona Telcom
    • 1%
      Tw Telecom
    • 1%
      Peerless Network
    • 5%
  • Wireless

    • 15%
      Verizon Wireless
    • 11%
    • 3%
      Usa Mobility Wireless
    • 3%
    • 3%
      Cricket Comm
    • 3%
    • 2%
      American Messaging Services
    • 1%

Statistics for Phone Prefixes in 602 Area Code

From these two pie charts, you can see the percentage of phone prefixes that have been assigned and the types of their usage.



What is Area Code 602 and Where is It Coming From?

602 is an area code that is used in Arizona. This code was originally assigned in 1954 and covered the entire state. In 1996, the 602 code was split, and the northern half of the state was given the code 928. This left the southern half of the state with the 602 code. The 602 code is currently the most heavily populated area code in Arizona. It covers the Phoenix metropolitan area, which is the largest in the state. This area code is also used in parts of Pinal and Maricopa counties.

The 602 code is scheduled to be replaced in 2019. A new code, 480, will be assigned to the Phoenix metropolitan area. This change is expected to help relieve some of the congestion that is currently occurring in the 602 code.

What Time Zone Is Area Code 602?

602 is the area code for most of Phoenix, Arizona. The time zone for 602 is Mountain Standard Time (MST). This time zone is observed in most of Arizona, including the city of Phoenix.

Are Calls from Area Code 602 a Scam?

Are Calls from Area Code 602 a Scam?Area code 602 is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a legitimate area code, but scammers have been using it to make fraudulent calls. If you receive a call from this area code, be suspicious and do not give out any personal information.

There are several ways to protect yourself from scam calls. First, install a call blocker on your phone. This will help to screen calls and prevent scammers from reaching you. You can also sign up for a call blocker service that will provide you with additional protection.

Another way to protect yourself is to verify the caller's identity before answering the call. You can do this by asking the caller to provide some basic information, such as their name and the company they work for. If the caller cannot provide this information, or if they refuse to answer your questions, do not answer the call.

Finally, be aware of the signs of a scam call. If the caller tries to rush you into making a decision, or if they ask for personal information such as your Social Security number or bank account number, it is likely a scam. Hang up the phone and report the call to the FTC.

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