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612 Area Code (Minnesota) Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

The 612 area code is a three-digit area code that contains 16 unique phone numbers. It serves the state of Minnesota.

  • State

    Minnesota, MN

  • Major City


  • Timezone


  • Current Time

    2023-10-02 11:42:43

Phone Numbers That Start with 612

  • Phone Number
  • Caller Type
  • Comment
  • (612) 203-3945
    Political call
    Who is this keep calling
  • (612) 230-2093
    I have received numerous calls from this company with different caller ID numbers.
  • (612) 235-4199
    Political call
    The called number is a cell phone number.
  • (612) 235-7862
    Said that they were holiday inn hotel
  • (612) 262-1005
    Appointment Reminder
    This is legit. Allina Health does call with appointment reminders, often in the evening and generally two days before the appointment.
  • (612) 291-3333
    In the past, they typically said I won a cruise.
  • (612) 412-9001
    Called stating they were US Bank and started asking me questions on when I was going to pay my credit card down and on what date. Asked me how much I was going to be depositing and I thought it sounded off so I told them I started to feel uncomfortable with the questions since I could not confirm if it was US Bank or not. Looked up the number and it isn't associated with any US Bank branch.
  • (612) 425-7477
  • (612) 568-0058
    Freedom Mortgage
    It appears someone is texting me from a prison in Minnesota.
  • (612) 607-1015
    This number is calling me all day every day and I had an associated text referring to my inquiry about drug addiction. I'm so pissed off. Also bored. I'm going down this rabbit hole.
  • (612) 607-7724
    calls to early in the morning
  • (612) 615-0010
    Dude asked if I was looking to go into school or if I was already in school when when I said I was in school he just hung up
  • (612) 815-5000
    Called about a purchase of a Jif peanut butter product that was potentially recalled due to salmonella. I had in fact just bought Jif and have a Red Card with my number on file so I'm guessing it's legit?
  • (612) 843-9851
    Have called repeatedly offering free roofing inspections after being told no and to remove me from the call list.
  • (612) 872-5408
    Stanley security system requesting to speak to managers asking for security passwords... we don't even have the security system in our store
  • (612) 872-5420
    Stanley Security
    Scam call.

Major Counties Served by 612 Area Code

  • County
  • Total Population
  • % of 612
  • % of County
  • Hennepin

Major Cities Served by 612 Area Code

  • City
  • Total Population
  • % of 612
  • % of City
  • Minneapolis
  • Richfield
  • St. Anthony
  • Falcon Heights

Popular Phone Carriers

  • Landline

    • 32%
      Qwest Corporation
    • 4%
      American Messaging (am)
    • 3%
      Mcimetro Access Transmission Services
    • 3%
      Usa Mobility Wireless
    • 2%
      Teleport America
    • 2%
    • 2%
    • 16%
  • Wireless

    • 12%
      Verizon Wireless
    • 9%
    • 8%
    • 6%
    • 1%
      American Messaging (am)
    • 1%
      Peerless Network
    • 1%

Statistics for Phone Prefixes in 612 Area Code

From these two pie charts, you can see the percentage of phone prefixes that have been assigned and the types of their usage.



What is Area Code 612 and Where is It Coming From?

Area code 612 is a telephone area code in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Minnesota. It was created on July 1, 1996, in a split of area code 612.The 612 area code covers the eastern half of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The western half is in area code 763. Saint Paul is in 651.

The 612 area code was originally created as an overlay of the 612 area code. However, in March 2008, area code 612 was split, and the 612 overlay was moved to the new 763 area code. This left 612 as a spare area code.

In February 2009, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) endorsed a petition filed by Twin Cities area code overlay advocates to overlay the 612 area code onto the 763 area code. This would have created a ten-digit dialing area for the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area.

However, on July 1, 2009, the PUC reversed its decision, and ruled that a ten-digit dialing area is not necessary. On that date, the 612 area code was moved to the new 952 area code, which is also an overlay of the 763 area code.

The 612 area code will likely remain in use until at least 2019.

What Time Zone Is Area Code 612?

612 is in the Central Time Zone in the United States.

Are Calls from Area Code 612 a Scam?

Are Calls from Area Code 612 a Scam?This is a question that many people are asking lately, as it seems that there have been an uptick in calls from this area code. While it's always important to be vigilant about scam calls, it's especially important to be cautious when getting calls from an area code you don't recognize.

So, is it a scam to get a call from area code 612? It's hard to say for sure, as scammers can be very clever in disguising their true intentions. However, it's generally a good idea to be suspicious of any calls from unfamiliar numbers, and to be especially careful if the caller asks for personal information like your Social Security number or bank account details.

If you do receive a call from someone purporting to be from area code 612, it's important to be skeptical. Don't give out any personal information unless you're absolutely sure of the caller's identity, and be sure to report any suspicious calls to the authorities.

What Area Does Code 612 Serve?

Area code 612 serves Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. It was one of the original area codes created in 1947, and it is one of the few area codes that has not been split or overlaid.

Is Area Code 612 Toll Free?

No, area code 612 is not toll free. If you are looking for a toll free area code, you can try area code 800 or 888.

How to Block Calls from Area Code 612?

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