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773 Area Code (Illinois) Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

The 773 area code is a three-digit area code that contains 10 unique phone numbers. It serves the state of Illinois.

  • State

    Illinois, IL

  • Major City


  • Timezone


  • Current Time

    2023-09-29 20:00:57

Phone Numbers That Start with 773

  • Phone Number
  • Caller Type
  • Comment
  • (773) 243-0399
    5 calls in 15 minutes. no message.
  • (773) 250-3124
    however, recently I've been getting almost daily robo calls from various companies.
  • (773) 253-2220
    Unable to leave message
  • (773) 355-4124
    Call all day -- it's disgusting
  • (773) 362-7930
    scam call--keeps calling and calling
  • (773) 516-2029
    Did not answer call. If this is a Prison/collect call BEWARE. They have a way of using YOUR number for calls that could cost $$$ if you answer. SCAM.
  • (773) 666-0245
    Clothes For Charity
    The person who has this number says that he is an orthopedic surgeon in Bagdad working for the United Nations. He is trough Dating sites trying to scamm women and use fake photos of a unknown guy who looks like a doctor.. Take care please
  • (773) 725-0222
    calls and hangs up when the answering machine picks up incoming call
  • (773) 771-4790
    Political call
    They recently called twice: 5/31/13 11:53 AM and 6/01/13 11:17 AM
  • (773) 891-7800
    Montgomery Timo
    Auto Warranty

Major Counties Served by 773 Area Code

  • County
  • Total Population
  • % of 773
  • % of County
  • Cook

Major Cities Served by 773 Area Code

  • City
  • Total Population
  • % of 773
  • % of City
  • Chicago

Popular Phone Carriers

  • Landline

    • 33%
    • 4%
    • 3%
      Mcimetro Access Transmission Services
    • 2%
      Teleport America
    • 2%
    • 2%
      Allegiance Telecom
    • 2%
      Global Crossing Local Services
    • 11%
  • Wireless

    • 12%
    • 8%
    • 8%
    • 7%
      Verizon Wireless
    • 3%
      Usa Mobility Wireless
    • 2%
    • 1%
      American Messaging (am)
    • 1%

Statistics for Phone Prefixes in 773 Area Code

From these two pie charts, you can see the percentage of phone prefixes that have been assigned and the types of their usage.



What is Area Code 773 and Where is It Coming From?

Area code 773 is one of the most important area codes in the United States. It covers a large area of Chicago and its suburbs. But where does it come from? And what does it mean for the people who live in the area?The area code 773 was originally created in 1996. It was created to meet the needs of the growing population in the Chicago area. At the time, the area code 312 was starting to get overloaded. So a new area code was needed to help relieve the stress on the system.

The area code 773 covers a large area of Chicago and its suburbs. It includes the city of Chicago, as well as the suburbs of Skokie, Evanston, Arlington Heights, and Mount Prospect.

The area code 773 is coming under increasing pressure due to the growth of the Chicago area. The population in the area is growing faster than the capacity of the area code. This is causing problems for people who need to dial 773 numbers.

There are plans to introduce a new area code to the Chicago area in the near future. This new area code will help to relieve the pressure on area code 773. It will also help to meet the needs of the growing population in the area.

What Time Zone Is Area Code 773?

What time zone is area code 773?773 is in the Central time zone.

Are Calls from Area Code 773 a Scam?

In recent weeks, there's been a surge of calls coming in from area code 773. Some people are wondering if these calls are a scam.First of all, it's important to note that not all calls from area code 773 are scams. There are many legitimate businesses and individuals who reside in that area code. However, that being said, there are also a number of scammers who use that area code in order to try and gain people's trust.

So, how can you tell if a call from area code 773 is a scam? There are a few things you can look for. For example, if the caller asks for personal information like your Social Security number or bank account details, that's a red flag. Additionally, if the caller tries to make you feel rushed or pressured into making a decision, that's another indication that the call might be a scam.

If you're ever unsure about a call, it's always best to hang up and call the company or individual back yourself. That way, you can be sure that you're talking to the real deal. And if you do encounter a scammer, be sure to report them to the authorities.

What Area Does Code 773 Serve?

Code 773 is a police code that refers to a missing person. It is used by police officers across the United States to report a person who is missing or has gone missing.There are a number of possible reasons why someone might go missing. They may have been kidnapped or abducted, or they may have run away from home. They may also have been involved in a car accident or been the victim of a crime.

If someone you know has gone missing, it is important to report it to the police as soon as possible. They will start to investigate and may ask for your help in locating the missing person. You can also search for the person yourself, and spread the word to as many people as possible.

The important thing is not to give up hope that the person will be found safe and sound.

Is Area Code 773 Toll Free?

Are you wondering if area code 773 is toll free? The answer is no, it is not toll free. Calls made to this area code will be charged at the normal rate. This area code is located in Illinois and is used by residents in the Chicago metropolitan area. If you are looking for a toll free area code, there are several options available. The 888 area code is toll free, as is the 800 area code. If you are calling from within the United States, you can also use the 612 area code, which is toll free when calling within Minnesota.

How to Block Calls from Area Code 773?

Area code 773 is known for being one of the most spammy area codes in the country. If you're getting calls from this area code, chances are they're spam calls. Here are a few tips on how to block calls from this area code.The first thing you can do is add the number to your contacts and mark it as spam. This will help to automatically block any calls from that number in the future.

You can also use a call blocker app to help block calls from this area code. There are a number of different apps available, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Finally, you can add the number to the National Do Not Call Registry. This will help to prevent most telemarketing calls, including those from area code 773.

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