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  • (844) 206-8554
  • (844) 206-9035
    We're up to date on all payments but they keep calling! Then if you pick up they hang up!
  • (844) 210-7090
    Who The Hell Knows
    I am sick of telemarketers. As soon as too many get my phone number I change it.
  • (844) 213-7851
    I beleived I already filled a complaint against them.
  • (844) 218-3104
    Credence Rsrc
    Collections Call for an ambulance bill.
  • (844) 234-9880
    Political call
    Answering machine cuts off after a few moments so I don't know if there is a way to get these jerks off our back.
  • (844) 239-5641
  • (844) 247-6290
    Scam Spectrum
    trying to collect money .....they have nothing to do with spectrum. SPAM
  • (844) 275-2196
    Collection Agency
    Recording wants to deliver medical devices that I did not order.
  • (844) 277-6920
    I got a call as I was leaving home, this number had called before a couple of times before so I wanted to see what kind of fun I could have. The person at the end of the phone sounded liked they said they were from the IRS. She had a fairly thick Indian accent so she could have said Fido ios service.. Anyway "I laughed at her and said I'm in Canada there is no IRS in Canada, dumb a*s" then hung up.
  • (844) 277-9480
    FDR Ltd
    They are looking for a Mike something, I am not that someone. They were already informed of this and have called 7 times since then, for total of over 12 times in the last 2 months.
  • (844) 291-4549
    Call said they wanted to continue discussing my account. Phone shows HTC Agent 83. Name on message says name is s Christian
  • (844) 292-8615
    Said my name and said "you're going down, down"
  • (844) 308-6819
    Toll Free Call
    Windows scammer
  • (844) 311-0406
    Idris Ali Shaikh
    I want to close my account
  • (844) 319-1130
    Keeps calling me unknown
  • (844) 329-5793
    Received many calls from this caller
  • (844) 343-2489
    Ition / Brinks Home Security
    Said they were calling to make an appointment to send a tech out to our home to upgrade our security system from 3 G to 5 G. They had my account info but it is still very suspicious as the caller ID was not Brinks. Spoke in a very heavy Indian accent. I am calling Brinks now to verify that this is legit. It is legit. They are really calling from Brinks.
  • (844) 348-8811
    they called my cell phone.didnt answer call.added these clowns to my cell phone blocked list many thanks
  • (844) 357-1995
    Political call
    My taxes already pay for this.

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