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  • (855) 208-3682
    Prison/Jail Collect Call
    Half the time I answer no one is there and they hang up or someone who I can hardly understand starts threatening me.
  • (855) 215-1830
    I called Humana and THEY SAID THIS NUMBER WAS A SCAM
  • (855) 215-1831
    Additional Information: After reading comments, here, I decided to see what Google had to say... OH MY!!! For additional info do a Google search for "aetna data breach 2020" -- which, apparently involves another company called EyeMed.
  • (855) 217-1759
    Gandu ka bacha hai ye bharwa, randi, dalla
  • (855) 218-6244
    The Office Of Capital - Tonya Edward Payment
    They also called all my family members, they stated They have a case against me from my county, a third party company. They also processed by calling me from a diffent number area code form the area I live in. I google the number and is a cellphone . Be aware and let your family know, I reported this to FTC. Don't be scared, if the county has a case against trust me you will know!!
  • (855) 219-6754
    This person called me claiming that my now ex-husband missed court and they are trying to locate him there from locate relation services the addresses that they had listed we're not current for him and I'm sorry but if you have been arrested and gone to jail they have your current address and they believed that we were still together and I don't even live in the same stage anymore
  • (855) 226-6408
    She said from comcast technical support
  • (855) 232-0669
    Valley Strong Credit Union/Re:Ksfcu
    Left voice message regarding possible fraud, had last 4 of my account number, also had a case number for reference, left (855)2320669 for call back number
  • (855) 243-8892
    They told me they talked to me in the past about doing construction on my house.
  • (855) 267-7451
    Professional Finance
    repeated calls with no response to answer.
  • (855) 269-1622
    Prank Caller
    I am on the Do Not Call Registry and I still get calls from this company.
  • (855) 272-1206
    There was a pause after I said ''Hello'' and then they ask for my husband. I said for what need, and they said its for personal information reviewing. RBC have never called me nor my husband in the past to verify is personal information and we have been with them for years.
  • (855) 272-1219
    RBC Harassment
    Spam calling me and won't take the hint I'm not the person there looking for
  • (855) 272-5711
    Debt Collector
    As someone who has had to use K.Moore's services..We only resort to her services when customers run and hide... We attempt to collect the debt/vehicle for 30 days, when the customer eludes our attempts to recover the property thats when we call in K Moore.. As a fellow human I am sorry you all have had to experience this, but as a worker in the field... if you cant pay, return the car... If you say it will be returned Tue ... be here on Tue... Stop trying to hide.
  • (855) 283-9093
    They Did Not Give A Name
    No name or company name provided in the voice mail, but the message said was for me using my correct name. Message said to please return the call to this number 1-855-283-9093 and leave a voice mail. uh NO!! Sounds like a scam to me. If it was someone I knew or they knew me they would have announced who they were. Did not call back.
  • (855) 292-7416
    Mary Fletcher With Us Department Of Financial Services
    Calling from multiple numbers. Please make them stop.
  • (855) 306-6939
    Ally Financial
    Claimed to be from Ally Financial but accent was super thick couldn't understand her at all Assuming this is a scam
  • (855) 306-6998
    Ally Financial
    Harassing me!!! I continuously (twice a day) get calls from 855-306-6938 - turning over to law enforcement as the person they are trying to reach is NOT ME!!!!
  • (855) 319-4450
    Left message they were from Signify Health on behalf of Humana and was setting up a health assessment visit. We did call back and make an appointment but they never showed up.
  • (855) 319-4453
    Toll Free

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