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  • (866) 201-7988
    Senior Aid Helper
    I am not interested in anything they have to say. I call block the number but they use a different number each time.
  • (866) 210-8338
    Wanted a call back on some fake claim number. Never dealt with this company.
  • (866) 213-4074
    Bank Of America (Fraudulently Claimed As)
    Di toda mi informacio, del banco y del seguro social. Lamento esta SITUACION Y ESTOY PREOCUPADO.
  • (866) 216-1075
    Scam number on behalf of "amazon" they try to get ur bank information and claim its because someone used your card for a purchase.
  • (866) 220-0254
  • (866) 224-3436
    I kept getting texts saying it was for a bank I have a credit card through, when you call the number it doesn't state the company in which you are calling. After calling my creditor they explained they were not trying to reach me. This is a scam.
  • (866) 225-2899
    I will not answer. This number calls me at least 4x a day everyday.
  • (866) 226-2306
    Social Security
    If you applied online , this number will ask for you to call back to verify the information. I just called my local SSA office to confirm.
  • (866) 229-0301
    Gaffney Kane
    I didn't answer when I received this call late in the evening. I listened to the voicemail and it's just a couple beeps and static.
  • (866) 233-2148
    United Health Care Navigator
    blocked the call . its a scam....told them many times to stop calling...................
  • (866) 242-2720
    Debt Collector
    The woman said I was listed as a reference for a specifically named person whom I'd met once a couple of years ago and haven't from since. I figured it was a debt collector. This call was unlike others though, because the woman sounded very, very professional and there was no background noise (usually I can hear other callers talking).
  • (866) 249-6063
    I am getting several calls every day from this number but every time I answer, they just hang up. I say hello, and then the phone hangs up.
  • (866) 251-7404
    I live in IL but still have a WI cell phone #.
  • (866) 260-4188
    Prison/Jail Collect Call
    told me not to log into my account.
  • (866) 270-0195
    Phillips And Cohen And Associates
    They call everyday and the name appears, but they have never left a message! You'd think if this was important they would atleast some sort of message. That's why I google the number to see what others have found out. My Dad passed last year, so I hope they don't expect me to pay a debt!
  • (866) 271-2933
    Arrowhead Fraud Center
    I first received a text message from this number to which I did not respond. I then received a recorded message saying that suspicious activity was occurring on my account and my bank wanted to go over recent transactions with me. I did not respond to the prompt. Instead, I checked my account online and confirmed that there had been no recent activity. I will be visiting my bank to obtain a new card. This caller also called my husband's cell phone.
  • (866) 271-9305
    Chase Bank
    Just got a call from a Gina Fuentes stating she worked for Chase Bank... yea right! .. I work for Chase Bank and this is not a call from our bank!!! The real number for Chase Bank is 1-800-935-9935!
  • (866) 275-3866
    Apple/Someone Spoofing To Be From Apple
    Started out as a verification code then got the call. Never answered.
  • (866) 280-1853
    Claimed American Express
    Knew my name and calimed to be from American Express on a recorded line. Asked if I knew Edward Amos. When I said no he hung up.
  • (866) 288-8055
    Famre Ghosp
    Call every couple of weeks

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