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  • (888) 111-2663
  • (888) 201-4523
    Left a message saying they received an application for a credit card and were calling to verify that we had submitted it. I called the number they provided to let them know we had not. I could not get to a person and the system wanted identifying information such as a social security number.
  • (888) 204-4535
    Someone is trying to fax to our land line!!! Fax is 866-229-0034
  • (888) 206-1796
    Utility Resource Group
    Schedules gas meter inspections for DTE ENERGY
  • (888) 208-7709
    Political call
    I have received a call from this party every weekday morning from 06/24/2013 to 07/01/2013 often waking me.
  • (888) 211-3818
    American Express
    Left message as helping my business. He was yawning when he was talking . I heard his sigh also.
  • (888) 211-7690
    Toll Free Call
    Unwanted call and does not leave a message
  • (888) 219-1750
    Scammer posing to be from Emirates Airline.
  • (888) 219-4196
    Debt Collector
    Two Voice mails with no message and no record of an incoming call. Somehow they blocked their phone number from showing up on recent calls so that I can not block them. I have no debts I am aware of and If it was legit, they would not go to such lenghts to protect themselves from being recognized or at least leave a message. Pretty sure this is a scam
  • (888) 221-1161
  • (888) 221-3190
    Called repeatedly. When finally answered they hung up after I said hello.
  • (888) 222-4227
    Calls frequently
  • (888) 230-6262
    This a scam didn't answer.
  • (888) 231-0371
    Sheila from "Discover" called for a Maria Verigas (?) No idea who this supposed Maria person is, but claimed she had 72 hours to call back the 888 phone number. The call originated from 1-800-347-0350. Either this Maria is a real person who fraudulently gave discover my phone number, or "Sheila" wants me to call back so they can record my voice and/or hack my phone. Blocked the number.
  • (888) 234-2138
    produtpos ruins
  • (888) 234-6786
    Verizon VM
    Please them stop calling my phone
  • (888) 237-8289
    Best Buy
    888-237-8289 Number Took out renewal payment without my permission. May have been on my nieces computer. Please correct asap Celia Wright
  • (888) 244-2040
    This number is listed as "Heavy Spam Activity" on some reverse lookup sites.
  • (888) 245-1655
    This service is no good. You start off with one price then another and another and another. Do not bill my card for this service. I have called my discover card to file a complaint on your fake service. Your service got me no where. FAKE!
  • (888) 250-2789
    Kept calling while I'm at work, so finally had a chance and called back. The guy didn't tell me what the company was or what they were calling about, said I had to confirm all my personal information first. I told him I wasn't comfortable giving or confirming my personal information when I didn't know what it was he was calling about. He said he already had and knew all my information so I just had to confirm it. I told him that didn't matter, I was still not comfortable confirming anything when he couldn't tell me what it was for. He said it was a collection agency, and I needed to confirm the information he already had about me. I told him I was not aware of having owed anything, and that I still did not feel comfortable unless he could tell me what it was in regards to, to be giving out my information. He said again that he already had all my information so it was ridiculous that I wouldn't just confirm it with him so he could tell me, and that there was then nothing he could do to help me. I told him they were the ones trying to contact me and I don't care if they have my infomation already, it is stupid to have people confirm information without being able to know first. He said again he already knew it and hung up! Insane in my opinion! Who does that?!

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