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(302) 990 2490

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  • Unknown
    Just a blank line testing for active numbers
    Oct 7, 2021
  • Telemarketer
    Septic information. Robocall. Three times this month
    Mar 30, 2020
  • Scammer/Fraudster
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    This is a ROBO Calling - 24/7 We keep getting this number calling. Under NEW Federal Laws, Electronic Harrasment is legal grounds for law suite.
    Long Island Business
    Mar 19, 2020
  • Unknown
    Caller Name: CID: Phone Number Displayed
    Called but left no message
    Nov 20, 2018
  • Unknown
    Caller Name: CID: phone number displayed
    We no longer answer our phone because of all the scam/robo calls. Our voice mail states: "if you don't know us or are a company we have not contacted, don't call back & hang up now". They call anyway!
    Oct 15, 2018
  • Unknown
    Frequent calling. All hours almost daily, verging on harrassment.
    A, Non
    Aug 13, 2018

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  • 3029902490
  • 302-990-2490
  • (302)990-2490
  • (302)-990-2490
  • 302.990.2490
  • 302 990 2490
  • +13029902490
  • +1 302-990-2490
  • +1 302.990.2490
  • +302-990-2490
  • 1-302-990-2490
  • 0013029902490

Similar Phone Numbers to (302) 990 2490

Phone NumberCaller TypeComment
(302) 202-2923Franklin, Moss, & Associates.Had whole bunch of my information but brought up stuff that's been taken care of for over 10 years now. Told him to wait a second and I'm going to get a lawyer. Told me he'd file a lawsuit or something like that it was hard to hear him well then he hung up. Called the courts and there was no civil dispute against me. What a scam.
(302) 202-5769Scammer/FraudsterSame recorded message "This message serves as a legal notification for a civil complaint naming you as respondant. An in depth investigation is being done on your case file and in accordance with federal law we are required to notify you at least 72 hours prior to petitioning for an injunction. You or your attorney have a very brief window to address this matter with our offices directly to provide a final statement for the record for your defense. It serves in your best interest to contact this office. Please act accordingly."
(302) 246-1032GrandsonCalls in the middle of the night. Can't understand person when they speak. Blocked this number and they leave a message consisting of either dead air or some foreign language. HARRASSMENT.
(302) 256-5394State Of Decalling about covid vaccination
(302) 300-3664BarclaysCalls me at 8:15 pm the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and says she's confirming my application for an Old Navy credit card that was submitted 2 days before. Uh huh. Sure. They're conducting business on a Sunday night? Oddly, it wasn't someone with a thick foreign accent like these scam calls usually are.
(302) 307-3565TelemarketerEach time they call there's no option to decline only press 1 to speak with someone I choose not to speak to anyone.
(302) 309-3707Unknownunknown
(302) 309-4561Political callTelemarketer with call Culver City California based number selling home security systems.
(302) 387-3372Collection AgencyThis company has called me from 3 different numbers which I have blocked each one.
(302) 497-7113Debt CollectorAs with everyone else, same call, had all my personal information, I do not have any bad debt. Same amount of money 3000.00 from 2007, said it was a call on behalf of Citi Bank. BS, call trying to get me to pay a debt I dint have. PHISHING SCAM. However it does bother me that they have my personal info. I hope the FBI is working on shutting down this scam as the last post said. Pushed for more info, got hung up on.
(302) 565-0184Portfolio RecoveryCalls 100 times a day
(302) 597-6899FaxCalls from this number received 3-5 times daily.

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