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(412) 572 1454

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  • 4125721454
  • 412-572-1454
  • (412)572-1454
  • (412)-572-1454
  • 412.572.1454
  • 412 572 1454
  • +14125721454
  • +1 412-572-1454
  • +1 412.572.1454
  • +412-572-1454
  • 1-412-572-1454
  • 0014125721454

Similar Phone Numbers to (412) 572 1454

Phone NumberCaller TypeComment
(412) 204-7990Prison/Jail Collect CallThis company calls us at least every month; there is no way to refuse their calls because it's always a recorded message. Please stop these calls for us.
(412) 204-8002SurveyThis company continually spam my cell phone with these calls. PLEASE SHUT THEM DOWN!!! They are spam-calling people across this country!
(412) 204-8050TelemarketerThis company has called 4 previous times in the past week.
(412) 204-8264Collection AgencyThis is a recorded message that I do not wish to be getting. Please contact the company and ask them to stop calling. There is no option for me to ask them to take me off their call list, but I should not have to do this, it is them not adjusting to the law. My number has been on the do not call list for a long time, they need to check against it. Thank you!
(412) 204-8277Collection AgencyThis is a recorded spam call. I get these from a variety of different nos.
(412) 204-8323Text/SMSThis is another unsolicited call. This number calls at least twice a day EVERY day. It is impossible to get to a real person to put an end to it.
(412) 204-8342Scammer/FraudsterThis is my second complaint on DNC. Have asked each caller to remove my name from call list. Since yesterday, I have had eleven calls. Had a prior call from them last week.
(412) 204-8387TelemarketerI told this caller to stop but they he never did! Kept calling me all day! Anybody help me stop this harassment?
(412) 204-8409SurveyGot a call once and the guy said, �Good day, you got some serious computer issues! It�s monitored by our system. You got to remove the virus. I�ll help you.� And I was like, �You got to be kidding! I don�t have a computer!�
(412) 204-8411Collection Agency?Have filed previous call back they # it says it doesn't exist. Ask them for their name they haang up . Start to say do not call list the hang up first
(412) 204-8470Surveyanother call wanting to put sign in yard receieve these calls almost daily i file the complaint but you do nothing to stop these calls been on the no call list for years the no call list must be a joke
(412) 204-8506Prank CallerCall repeatedly and hang up as soon as answering machine picks up. It's to the point I no longer pick up the phone unless I recognize the number calling.
(412) 204-8581Prank CallerClearly a foreign country marketing company for US business. Couldn't even figure out that female wasn't a male and the first from the last name. They asked if I was "b(6)". I'm b(6)
(412) 204-8603Scammer/FraudsterCredit card consolidation. Tried to call back but number states invalid number. I have asked repeatedly to be removed from their list. They use multiple numbers with the same recorded message.
(412) 204-8611Political callDiabetic supply scam. Just filed a complaint about this same number last evening. They call and call and call and call. It doesn't matter how many times you ask them not to call anymore. If you block the number they just use another one. STOP the madness PLEASE!!!!!!!
(412) 204-8841Text/SMSI have received two calls from this number and both times theres no one there when I answer. When I called the number back it was some survey company.
(412) 204-8893SurveyI picked up this incoming call at my home. A very loud static filled recorded message began saying something about disability claim assistance and recording asked if I want to speak with a disability specialist. I just wanted to tell them to stop calling my home number but they can't because it is a machine, a very annoying one at that. I want this company to never call my home again. Thank you for reading my comments and providing this reporting form online.
(412) 204-9039EmailLady called and asked me to verify my home address. I asked who was calling and she said her name, and that it was in regards to a personal business matter. When I asked what kind of personal business matter she said she could not tell me until I verified my home address. I don't know who she is, why she's calling and they've been asked numerous times not to call me...this is just the first time I've answered the call. It's something shady, obviously and it pisses me off that I'm being harrassed. Can't you please stop their calls? I read online a lot of people are being harrassed by people from the same #. What exactly does Do Not Call Registry do to stop harrassment calls? I file a complaint every time they call. HELP HELP HELP
(412) 204-9059Prank CallerMy caller ID said "Servers TDM". The recorded message was a woman introducing herself as Kelly, and saying that I was eligible to receive lower interest rates. The message warned that if I do not act now, my file would be closed. I HATE these calls!!!!

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