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(412) 572 9747

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  • 4125729747
  • 412-572-9747
  • (412)572-9747
  • (412)-572-9747
  • 412.572.9747
  • 412 572 9747
  • +14125729747
  • +1 412-572-9747
  • +1 412.572.9747
  • +412-572-9747
  • 1-412-572-9747
  • 0014125729747

Similar Phone Numbers to (412) 572 9747

Phone NumberCaller TypeComment
(412) 209-9984Political callI receive 3-5 calls daily from different phone numbers with a recording offering to reduce interest rate on credit card debt.
(412) 210-0473Prank CallerI wanted to tell them not to call, but no one was there.
(412) 210-1058SurveyIt is some type of company saying it is about my credit card and offer to lower interest
(412) 210-1158Scammer/FraudsterIt was a recorded message stating they wanted a (b)(6)(?), and stating they were a debt collector, etc.
(412) 210-1535Collection AgencyMost seem to think they are a mtg refi co.
(412) 210-1854Collection AgencyNote: I filed a complaint earlier today of this same phone call but registered I received the call on our landline (b)(6) mistakenly.
(412) 210-2165TelemarketerPerson about national survey told said no, they kept getting pushy, hung up.
(412) 210-2693TelemarketerRecorded call saying my credit card is ok and not to worry that I can get a lower rate.
(412) 210-3041Prison/Jail Collect CallRobot calling Called to disturb
(412) 210-3046FaxRobotic dialed call selling extended car warranties.
(412) 210-3216Prank CallerSecond call this morning, I again requested to be taken off their call list and for the calls to stop.
(412) 210-3480SurveySounds like a telemarketer calling to sell pest control services for our home in Arizona
(412) 210-3689TelemarketerText message for tv replacement installation
(412) 210-3722Prison/Jail Collect CallThanks before hands.
(412) 210-4216EmailThe person continued talking as we hung up the phone.
(412) 210-4687Scammer/FraudsterThese people will not stop calling me, they have been calling me for the past 2 years and I am completely fed up!
(412) 210-4995Prank CallerThey call from multiple numbers within minutes of each other - 308-210-9052 is the other number they call from
(412) 210-5448Prison/Jail Collect CallThey hung up after 4 rings
(412) 210-5495Prison/Jail Collect CallThey keep calling and won't leave message.
(412) 210-6257SurveyThis company is selling alarm systems but would not provide a company name.

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