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  • Survey
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    Dead air (3 times/day)
    - Emily A.
    Sep 20, 2022

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  • +1 415.271.9183
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Similar Phone Numbers to (415) 271 9183

Phone NumberCaller TypeComment
(415) 206-3604Scammer/FraudsterThis company has called numerous times and I have asked that they not call, I have asked them to take me off of their list. They sell security for the home. Yesterday when I asked them to not call again, they hung up. They also called back today from the same number with a different recording.
(415) 206-3638Emailthis has gotten out of hand here in Delaware. I have been deluged with this call for days now. day and night constantly being called telling me to call my representative to vote the repeal of the death penalty in our state. I can't even use the bathroom because my phone is constantly ringing with these pre recorded message. I am fed up with this kind of obnoxious bothersome calls. Please tell these people to stop. Thank you.
(415) 206-3702Surveythis is the 3rd number used by this group. According to a web search they are some sort of collection agency. I OWE NO ONE!!! They never leave a message, just keep calling, often multiple time on the same day.
(415) 206-3711Scammer/FraudsterThis is the second call from this company wherein I advised the sales person that I was on the Do Not Call list, requesting that they remove my name & number. The only way to get their company name is to get to the agent through dialing 1 as though you are going to purchase. Thank you for assisting in this matter, these people are aggrivating.
(415) 206-3736Scammer/FraudsterThis number calls at least 3 to 4 times a day and has been since the first of the year, they leave no message and when I answer telling them not to call again they say nothing-this is very annoying and needs to stop. Any help you can give will be appreciated. I am a member for the do not call list
(415) 206-3766Collection Agencythis number has contacted me roughly a dozen times in a 24hr. period. Trying to tell me that I took some survey about returning to college, I have no recollection of such survey. This is to the point of harassment.
(415) 206-3882Prank CallerWe have been repeatedly called for the past week have repeatedly pressed 3 as the recording indicates to remove our number whenever we do this, the frequency of calls increase. When I ask for the name of the company, I am disconnected or disconnected after I am told Insurance Placement center. When I have spoken with someone, they type my number and say that we are on the do not call list, however, the following day, more calls are received.
(415) 206-3885SurveyWe have had similar recorded calls for home security installation and have pressed their do not call button when prompted, apparently to no avail. The calls starts with "The FBI..." which is designed to get your attention, I am sure. They tell you there is no charge for the equipment, but of course, the monthly fees are what they are after. These companies should be required to state: "this is a telemarketing call for (name of product). Please press (#) if you wish to be removed from our call list or stay on the line for more information."
(415) 206-4196SurveyA telemarketer who identified himself as Sebastian called and offered to lower my electric bill.
(415) 206-4445Text/SMSAnother c**p call from the Dominican Republic!
(415) 206-4520EmailApril 1 11:50 am 817-556-0052 from MEDCO Tues.
(415) 206-4551Collection AgencyAs soon as i get a credit card maybe they can until then if i ask them to stop calling the should RIGHT?
(415) 206-4573Text/SMSAsked numerous times to stop calling
(415) 206-4575SurveyAsked rep to remove my number and she hung up on me.
(415) 206-4699TelemarketerBesides being on the national do not call registry, I have told Duke Energy that I do not wish to receive calls from these other utilities.
(415) 206-4890EmailCalled a dozen times.
(415) 206-4917TelemarketerCalled me around 7:45pm.
(415) 206-5008Text/SMSCaller ID shows number and that was all.
(415) 206-5045FaxCaller hung up, didn't leave voice message.
(415) 206-5354Collection AgencyCompany is located in Tolleson and Mesa AZ but does business across the valley.

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