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(415) 272 9540

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  • Fax
    Caller Name: None- Text Message
    This person Tim Swerling is texting my phone soliciting me and I have asked them to stop please help
    - Jeannie D.
    Sep 20, 2022

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  • 4152729540
  • 415-272-9540
  • (415)272-9540
  • (415)-272-9540
  • 415.272.9540
  • 415 272 9540
  • +14152729540
  • +1 415-272-9540
  • +1 415.272.9540
  • +415-272-9540
  • 1-415-272-9540
  • 0014152729540

Similar Phone Numbers to (415) 272 9540

Phone NumberCaller TypeComment
(415) 165-2649Prank Callerrecorded message for a "business owner" regarding a website. This is not a business.
(415) 165-5540Text/SMSHave waited through the recorded message from "John" several times and pressed the number to take us off of the list to no avail.
(415) 165-9872FaxOn-line comments from other complainers indicate this to be a telemarketing firm.
(415) 166-3915Collection AgencyThis company calls approximately once per week with a recorded message about cleaning carpets.
(415) 166-4123TelemarketerThis company is calling for subscription renewal to the Denver Post.
(415) 166-4462Collection AgencyThis is just one of many callers buy the others use tricks to prevent their number from showing or they display a false address from some other state.
(415) 167-5859TelemarketerSo don't know company and have not been able to ask them to stop calling.
(415) 168-0154EmailWe have also filed the complaint every time they have called me.
(415) 169-2087Political callThis is a travel agency.
(415) 169-6967Collection AgencyThis caller is noted on the internet as being a frequent offender. It would be nice if the government could actually enforce this one.
(415) 169-7364SurveyThis is a recorded message that I do not wish to be getting. Please contact the company and ask them to stop calling. There is no option for me to ask them to take me off their call list, but I should not have to do this, it is them not adjusting to the law. My number has been on the do not call list for a long time, they need to check against it. Thank you!
(415) 170-0888SurveyEstan llamando casi todos los dias al mismo numero.
(415) 170-2242Collection AgencyI do not answer and they do not leave a message on answering service.
(415) 170-6666Prank CallerRecorded message that is spamming my phone repeatedly claiming to offer free credit card processing equipment to my business.
(415) 171-2567Collection Agencyasked him to remove my name from their call list.
(415) 171-3844Surveythis company keeps calling me, I have not done any business with this company, and I do not know how they got my number.
(415) 171-8193Collection AgencyI have one, don't need it as I live in a Secure Retirement Village.
(415) 172-0801Collection AgencyNumber called (I answered silently and heard 4 beeps).
(415) 172-5442FaxThis is a recorded sales call.
(415) 173-3564EmailI have received this recorded message over 30 times despite requesting to be removed from the calling list.

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