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(419) 904 6266

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  • Prison/Jail Collect Call
    Caller Name: ? Not sure
    This women called and asked if I wanted to sell my house. I told I don't have for sale. Not interested. She called again today and wanted to know when she could come over and look at my house. I told her again I was not interested. I call the number back and another woman answered and told me investor would out calling people. Told her I was on a Do Not Call List. She said I didn't know that. Who are they? Sounds like some fishy going on with these calls. Scaring me. I called Clark County RE Division and left a message with them also. Are they going keep harrassing me to sell?
    - Lucy B.
    Sep 21, 2022

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  • 4199046266
  • 419-904-6266
  • (419)904-6266
  • (419)-904-6266
  • 419.904.6266
  • 419 904 6266
  • +14199046266
  • +1 419-904-6266
  • +1 419.904.6266
  • +419-904-6266
  • 1-419-904-6266
  • 0014199046266

Similar Phone Numbers to (419) 904 6266

Phone NumberCaller TypeComment
(419) 827-7648Collection AgencyPlease follow up this time as we have filed a complaint before about this company leaving me to believe no one ever follows up on these complaints!
(419) 827-7706Prank CallerPlease ignore the complaint filed 10 minutes ago against this phone number.
(419) 827-7786SurveyPlease stop these nuisance calls!
(419) 827-7806Scammer/FraudsterPlease tell them to stop calling thank
(419) 827-7839Scammer/FraudsterPre-recorded message from Cardholders INC.
(419) 827-8021TelemarketerReceived many calls from company.
(419) 827-8182Collection AgencyRecorded message stating FBI statistics regarding home break-ins.
(419) 827-8228FaxRecorded: lower your mortgage on your time share.
(419) 827-8280Prank CallerRefuse to answer call.
(419) 827-8779Collection AgencySome of these places are hijacking numbers.
(419) 827-8785Political callSome sort of sales pitch.
(419) 827-8854Collection AgencySounded like a scam on elderly people.
(419) 827-8896EmailStill yet another home security telemarketer.
(419) 827-8952Collection AgencyTHEY ARE REALLY ANNOYING AND PERSISTANT - keep changing phone numbers and there is no way to contact them back.
(419) 827-9075Collection AgencyThank for your support
(419) 827-9145FaxThe Internet is full of complaints about this company and its total violation of the Do Not Call statute.
(419) 827-9170Collection AgencyThe automated message said something about hold for an important message.
(419) 827-9208Text/SMSThe call said I had signed up for some info on a trip.
(419) 827-9242EmailThe call was listed as from Verizon, however this was the same telemarketing pitch I have received for many months.
(419) 827-9423FaxThe first time I opted-out of future calls.

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