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(419) 967 8661

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  • Scammer/Fraudster
    Caller Name: SMS Text
    This was the second call from this alarm marketing varmint on Oct 10 - called at 2:07 pm and 4:53 pm.
    - Zyan P.
    Sep 21, 2022

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  • 4199678661
  • 419-967-8661
  • (419)967-8661
  • (419)-967-8661
  • 419.967.8661
  • 419 967 8661
  • +14199678661
  • +1 419-967-8661
  • +1 419.967.8661
  • +419-967-8661
  • 1-419-967-8661
  • 0014199678661

Similar Phone Numbers to (419) 967 8661

Phone NumberCaller TypeComment
(419) 839-8666Prison/Jail Collect CallThe consumer has received repeated recorded sales pitch phone calls from Card Member Services claiming to lower the interest rate on their cc accts for fee.
(419) 839-8724Prank CallerThe keep calling every 10 minutes
(419) 839-9245SurveyThese telemarketers are annoying and will call anytome day or night even on Sunday
(419) 839-9247Political callThese telemarketers need to stop calling my home phone number
(419) 839-9526Collection AgencyThey call many times and hang up on the answering machine
(419) 839-9632FaxThey called me 20 times in 2 weeks.
(419) 839-9653EmailThey called on 06/06/13 and I asked them to take us off their list.
(419) 840-0562Prank CallerThis company has called my number 7 times in the last 10 days.
(419) 840-0793Scammer/FraudsterThis is a recording so I am unable to ask them to stop calling.
(419) 840-1119Political callThis number continues to call 2-3 times a day.
(419) 840-1136EmailThis number has been calling my phone for months.
(419) 840-1355Scammer/FraudsterThis telemarketer wants to send me a medical alert device for free and charge for monitoring.
(419) 840-1771Political callWTF did she think do not call means?
(419) 840-2269SurveyWhen answering, it just hangs up.
(419) 840-2441Prank CallerYep, that's 6 in the friggin morning.
(419) 840-2731Collection Agencycontinual harrassing calls
(419) 840-2830Surveyhave asked multiple times to be removed.
(419) 840-3117Telemarketerpress 9 to speak to representative, press 3 if you no longer wish to receive this offer.
(419) 840-3222Faxrobocall offering dryer vent cleaning.
(419) 840-3450Emailthey call me everyday at different times and I am tired of it.

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