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(631) 983 3041

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  • Scammer/Fraudster
    Caller Name: Louis Tafuto
    Aug 4, 2020
  • Unknown
    Answered callasked name no response
    Mar 22, 2020
  • Unknown
    Caller Name: Un Known
    they called me I needed to say Hello 4 times load in the phone,then I say if you cant say hello rite away then don't ever call me again.Put me back on the DO NOT CALL ME LIST
    Oct 22, 2017
  • Unknown
    Received 2 calls back to back. Answered the first call at 11:33 caller ID shows 631.417.4786, no one there. Did not answer the 2nd call at 11:35 caller id shows 631.983., caller did not leave a message. 3rd call received at 11:37 caller id shows 315.675.0126, did not leave a message. It is obvious that the same caller is using different numbers, most likely scam calls.
    Mar 26, 2017
  • Unknown
    Feb 14, 2017
  • Unknown
    Caller hangs up when line answered. Have received several calls from this number with the same results.
    Dec 26, 2016
  • Unknown
    Kerry weimar
    Nov 27, 2016

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  • 6319833041
  • 631-983-3041
  • (631)983-3041
  • (631)-983-3041
  • 631.983.3041
  • 631 983 3041
  • +16319833041
  • +1 631-983-3041
  • +1 631.983.3041
  • +631-983-3041
  • 1-631-983-3041
  • 0016319833041

Similar Phone Numbers to (631) 983 3041

Phone NumberCaller TypeComment
(631) 239-8731Fast Fundingdidnt answer, called back on IP phone and "Rich with Fast Funding" answered. I hung up...
(631) 248-6240Scammer/FraudsterOffering energy efficient siding
(631) 317-1768Scammer/FraudsterIndian scumbag with PayPal vehicle purchase scam. I'm not selling a vehicle.
(631) 318-7105ItechalertHeard from these guys tonight (3/21/2018). Said that they were either Microsoft support or Microsoft certified techs and they would clean-up my PC of viruses. I shortly blew a fuse and started screaming/swearing at the guy as I think they are pieces of sh*t. I give 'em credit - after I hung up on them, they called righted back which gave me that chance to unload on them again.
(631) 364-3409Stonybrook, NYcalled 5 times, no noise, after a few seconds, there's a hang up
(631) 450-0229ValstarrRecording asking about TV viewing habits.
(631) 504-4224TelemarketerCalled twice no message .
(631) 627-8230Long Island OwnFake prize notification by SMS
(631) 699-2167Hudson, COOTP provided with this number and phone contact list leaked immediately. Misused those contact to ask money
(631) 732-5030Prison/Jail Collect CallThey sound like scammers and are asking me for access to my computer.
(631) 773-1122Telemarketerconstantly calling the house --- of course during the day when I'm at work so can't tell them to stop. Wish there was a way to block their number from even getting to our phone
(631) 801-0989Spammercalled me multiple times in a row after I hung up

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